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Heroes over europe

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Levi Strauss came to America from Germany. In 1850 he arrived in San-Francisco. It is situated in California. There were many people in California in those days because they wanted to find gold and become rich. They worked a lot looking for gold and spent much time in the water of the rivers. They needed strong trousers.

Levi Strauss had a lot of strong material. He hoped people could build tents with it. So he decided to make special trousers of this material. They were strong and people liked them. In one day Strauss sold all the trousers he had .But they had no colour and became dirty very easily. So Strauss decided to colour tem blue. Now people all over the world wear blue jeans. They think they are good for work and travel, they are practical.

Once there lived a teacher who had worked at school and now had a lot of free time and often went for a walk in the park. This was the most suitable place to escape from the city noise. One day he was taking his usual walk in the park and noticed a group of young boys standing near the bushes. In one of the bushes there was a graceful small cat that resembled his own Cat Pussy. When he asked, they explained to him, « We are having a competition. We are telling lies, and the one who tells the biggest lie will keep the cat »

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