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Dogon kabilesi

Nommo Speaker, Acklyn Lynch, PhD., a scholar, activist, and father of an Int'l Educator, and 1996 Olympic silver medalist turned real estate developer, shares ...

A documentary about the Dogon concept of "Nommo", featuring interviews and performances by spoken word icon Talaam Acey, Hip Hop visionary; Labtekwon, ...

Max Roach - d マックス·ローチ Billy Harper - ts Cecil Bridgewater - tpt Reggie Workman - b Recorded October 1976 Lausanne, Switzerland.

Marcel Griaule (16 May 1898 – 23 February 1956) was a French anthropologist known for his studies of the Dogon people of West Africa , [1] and for pioneering ethnographic field studies in France.

Born in Aisy-sur-Armançon , Griaule received a good education and was preparing to become an engineer and enrolled at the prestigious Lycée Louis-le-Grand when in 1917 at the end of World War I he volunteered to become a pilot in the French Air Force .

In 1920 he returned to university, where he attended the lectures of Marcel Mauss and Marcel Cohen . Intrigued by anthropology, he gave up plans for a technical career. In 1927 he received a degree from the École Nationale de Langues Orientales , where he concentrated on Amharic and Gueze .

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